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TOP 8 Tricks How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets in 2024

Post Date: 01 July 2021

Do you know ? Flight is the best options for save your time on travelling and also the fastest mode of travelling in India and also the abroad. But sometimes everyone avoid flights. Do you know why ? because of the dynamic fares and also the flight tickets you will not get at best prices. It can effect the budget of your travelling. Solo travelling is not always the best options due to travelling on a tight budget, so you never opt for travel journey. However, there is only way you choose flights for travel abroad, and short the time of journey, or want to travel comfortably. In cases of any emergency, flights become more convenient way of travelling than any other mode of transportation to save time and reach on time. So here we will guide How to book cheap flight tickets in 2024.

Use the following tricks to Book cheap Flight Tickets in 2024

1. Start Early to Win

If you are a regular traveller then you are habitual to the process of booking flight tickets. You know that flight tickets generally get expensive when the departure date come closer. Therefore, Plan and start researching early and make proper calendar for that. You will find always best rate when you book before 2 to 3 months. But that does not mean that you have to book always too early because sometimes you are not sure for your date plans of travel but start getting familiar with how the prices go up and down.

2. Research in Midnight and book on the cheapest day & time

This trick is only for who staying up very late in night, but if you are not, then try to be like one of them when you want to buy cheap flight tickets ! Research shows that you get cheap airline tickets if you book your flight tickets at midnight, from Monday to Wednesday. So to save a few bucks, stay awake at night and time to book cheap airline tickets.

3. Be always flexible with the date

If you are planning for a cheap air journey, It is a lot easier than you think if you are flexible with your dates. The price of flight tickets depends on the time and the day of the week you are travelling. If there are any Hindu festivals the prices will be always higher according to normal days. Similary, mid-week days are always cheaper than the weekends. Therefore, if you want to book cheap flight tickets always try to be flexible with your date to avoid any upsurge in the air-ticket price.

4. Use and Compare multiple search engines

When you through this process you will always see every flight searching websites are not always similar rates. Some flight search engines have higher rates and the rates from search engine will be vary because of depending on their cut from the airline. Therefore, it is very important that you to check atleast two or three leading search engines like Google Flight, Skyscanner and Yaatra to find a convenient price.

5. Always looks for Coupon Code and Credit Card Offers

Most of the leading flight search engines run some kind of offer and coupon code on Like Big Billion Days and Festivals offers. If you have credit cards then you can check on paytm, amazon,flipkart , yatra and cleartrip. They run various offer on credit card and coupon code. Like amazon run ICICI credit card offer , flipkart run Axis bank credit card offer and you have not any credit card then you have to check Yatra website they run multiple coupon code as you wish to use. There you can avail the coupon offer and credit card offer.

6. Use alternative routes

Sometimes, Using an alternative route through connecting flights comes cheaper than directly to your destinations. Also, if you are travelling abroad use a nearby airport instead of the primary airport to reach your destination if it is cheaper. You can also apply this strategy on Domestic airport. If you have very tight budget always try to be flexible with your route and also the time and look for a cheaper option.

7. Take Indirect Flight

You must be thinking about this is not the best idea for travelling if you have urgent or you have less time to reach the destination. But if you are going for a tour vacations you have to try this strategy to cut your budget also the tour for two place instead of one. (As Example – You want to visit Goa from Patna – You can try Indirect flight like Patna to Mumbai then Mumbai To Goa , You can visit Mumbai to in one price). You can always check that Indirect flight is always cheaper than non-stop flight.

8. Contact Travel Agent

In your mind, you are thinking this is the worst option to talk to a travel agent. Right ? You are absolutely wrong , This is what you have to try first to talk with a travel agent. Do you know why ? because they provide you cheap flight tickets and also they will guide you at what dates you will get cheaper ticket than your current dates. Because they have access to b2b suppliers. Every travel agency have not similar fare but you can always check at there price you can’t get at that price online from self. So you can try this strategy to get your travel package and also flight tickets at best price. If you don’t know anyone you can contact Travel Yaatri on +91-9508923736 or by email id also this is the best options for you. Please talk to them.

In conclusion

Booking cheap flight tickets in 2024 doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these helpful tricks and strategies, you can make your air travel more affordable and budget-friendly. Remember that finding affordable flight tickets requires some planning and flexibility. By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy the convenience of air travel without breaking the bank. Feel free to contact Travel Yaatri at +91-9508923736 or for personalized assistance in securing the best travel deals. Safe travels!